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Koita Centre For Digital Oncology

Koita Centre for Digital Oncology (KCDO)

Cancer care is changing rapidly worldwide, and the use of digital tools and technologies are playing a key role in driving this change - improving quality, access, and cost of care. It is imperative for India to have a strong focus on leverage to improve cancer care - make it more consistent, evidence-based, accessible and affordable.

The NCG is embarking on a very important mission of helping its 300 NCG member hospitals in the country leverage digital health tools and technologies. The NCG set up the Koita Centre for Digital Oncology (KCDO) to help NCG-affiliated hospitals in a journey of digital transformation to meaningfully improve cancer care in India.

KCDO helps NCG and NCG affiliated hospitals adopt digital health tools, drive collaboration and create digital transformation roadmaps, with the objective of improving the quality, affordability, accessibility and outcomes of cancer care to patients. The vision of KCDO is closely aligned with NCG’s vision to deliver uniform cancer care, drive cancer research and reduce costs of cancer care across India.

MOU between NCG-KCDO and NABH for Digital Health Collaboration

KCDO enables NCG and NCG hospitals to drive digital transformation in carcer care through multiple approaches and initiatives, including:

  • Piloting and adopting new technologies - including AI/ML, big data, automation, cloud, mobile - which benefit hospitals, doctors, patients, and consumers.
  • Embracing digital tools like tele-medicine and remote patient monitoring make care more accessible especially in semi-urban and rural areas.
  • Leveraging AI-assisted clinical decision support tools help improve doctors’ ability to provide better care, and mobile patient engagement apps help patients with medication management and better compliance to care guidelines.
  • Using healthcare data analytics across hospitals enables tracking and benchmarking of clinical outcomes and effectiveness of different treatment and care pathways.

KCDO supports NCG in driving common digital initiatives across NCG hospitals including EMR adoption, healthcare data interoperability, reporting, and analytics. KCDO also partners with academic and research organizations to promote research and development in cancer care.


NCG-KCDO: Key Focus Areas

  • Support Digital Health Initiatives within NCG Hospitals and across Patient Journey
  • Support Digital Health Initiatives of NCG (across Hospitals)
  • Support Digital engagement and collaboration with Ecosystem Partners

The NCG - Koita Centre for Digital Oncology is a very timely initiative. It will help create an innovation ecosystem across hospitals, healthcare technology companies, academic institutions and research organizations to address challenges in cancer care. The positive impact of this ecosystem can extend beyond cancer care.

Dr. R A Badwe
Director, Tata Memorial Centre.

Koita Foundation is privileged to partner with the NCG and supports its Digital Health initiatives and drive meaningful improvement in cancer care across India. KCDO can also help NCG hospitals adopt the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM) platform, which is a key national priority.

Rizwan Koita
Director, Koita Foundation.