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Anti Plagiarism Service

Anti Plagiarism Service

Anti Plagiarism Check

The NCG Library has initiated– “Anti-plagiarism check” service. It has subscribed to ‘iThenticate’ anti-plagiarism software and will provide plagiarism check services for Members of National Cancer Grid.

iThenticate has been designed especially for the researchers, authors’ publisher, students and others involved in publications. This does similarity checks, and compares it with or checks with its own database of books, journals etc; internet / website checking - contents of website like forums, message boards, bulletin boards, blogs, and PDFs etc.; and Publications Checking- most types of publication like documents, including, books, articles, magazines, journals, newspapers, website and PDFs .

In its report it will - Highlight exact content is exact, Provide percentages of similarity, Check paraphrasing abilities and provide a Proof that, the content is not plagiarized.

Since this service cannot be made available to all as IP based access, the manuscripts (MSS) can be subjected to plagiarism check at NCG HQ at TMC Mumbai.

It is essential to subject our intellectual creations for plagiarismchecks so that we ensure credits and appropriate citations. Please encourage all at your centre to make use of this facility, whenever they write a research proposals, thesis, dissertations, book chapters, research articles, etc., before subjecting for publishing.

The manuscripts (MSS) / documents may be mailed to the contact given below and we will revert to you with report and the MSS. The MSS will be deleted from our desktops and will not be shared with anyone.

Contact: joshi.mva@gmail.com