NCG Research - CRO

NCG Research - CRO

NCG Research Overview - CRO

To promote research in the country, National Cancer Grid provides financial support to research proposals based on the following criteria after a rigorous peer-review:

  • Unmet medical need
  • Relevance to Indian setting - cancers common or unique to the region
  • Interventions with scope of translating the outcomes to all the patients
  • Multicentric research collaboration

Commitment for data sharing after the completion of the study

To ensure the compliance with applicable regulations, data integrity and high-quality of research being conducted through National Cancer Grid, a Contract Research Organization (CRO) was established on 01-Sep-2017. The NCG-CRO aims to provide support to NCG funded/ NCG supported academic /investigator-initiated studies and monitor them to ensure compliance with applicable, bioethical research guidelines, regulatory requirement and Standard Operating Procedures.

Services offered:

  • Monitoring activity which includes site assessment, site activation, routine review and site close out
  • IEC submissions
  • Regulatory submissions to ICMR and CTRI registration
  • Execution of Clinical Study Agreement between the Sponsor Principal Investigator and the participating sites
  • Training the site personnel in good clinical practice and clinical trial regulations


The NCG CRO comprises of the following personnel:

  • NCG Research Committee Members
  • Project In Charge-01
  • Project Manager-01
  • Clinical Research Associate-04
  • Clinical Trial Assistant-01

The NCG CRO helps researchers within the NCG to conduct collaborative multicentric research by ensuring compliance with applicable regulations, guidelines and SOPs for academic clinical trials in cancer.

As an academic CRO, the NCG CRO assists with regulatory submissions, clinical trial registration, MoUs, contracts, trial insurance, study feasibility, site selections, creation of trial master files, and training on Good Clinical Research Practices and Indian regulations for clinical research. The core service of the NCG CRO is to monitor all NCG studies both on-site as well as remotely. The NCG CRO has wide-ranging experience with several trials in various cancers including regulatory and phase I trials.

Academic researchers may reach us at:
Phone: 022 2417 7000, extn-4266/4262