NCG Key Initiatives

Quality Improvement Program

Quality Improvement Program (NCG - QI)

The National Cancer Grid (NCG) is committed to achieving its vision of high-quality cancercare, by nurturing the capacity and culture of quality improvement (QI) across cancer care services in India. For the purpose of developing competencies in quality improvement, the NCG now hosts a ‘Quality Improvement Hub (QI Hub) in collaboration with Stanford Medicine - USA, a leader in educational programs for quality improvement for clinical teams. This has been possible through a generous grant from the Tata Trusts.

The QI Hub aims to initiate, inculcate and integrate the culture of Quality through its immersion educational initiative EQuIP-India - Enable Quality Improve Patient Care. This educational program provides the participants with conceptual understanding and an immersion experience necessary to respond to quality related problems across a complex environment such as clinical practice settings. EQuIP India is inspired by the PC-PAICE (Palliative Care-Promoting Assessment & Improvement of Cancer Experience) program of Stanford Medicine and combines a structured curriculum with mentored exercises in designing and implementing quality improvement processes at the host institution.

The Vision

QI Hub envisions that quality and its continuous improvement are integrated within the care processes of cancer centres across India.

The Mission

Through its flagship educational program EQuIP-India, QI Hub-India will foster the capacity for Quality Improvement within cancer centres, and facilitate its integration within preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic, and palliative care processes.

EQuIP India - Learning Objectives

The participants will learn to:

  • Nurture state-of-the-art clinical practice improvement projects;
  • Utilise quality improvement methods to evaluate and improve care processes;
  • Inspire positive attitude for continuous quality improvement, and
  • Foster internal quality improvement capacity.