• Improving Quality & Accessibility of Cancer Care Across India
  • Training and Education of Healthcare Professionals and Allied Specialists In Oncology
  • Collaborative, Multi-centric, High-Quality Research in Oncology
Improving Quality & Accessibility
of Cancer Care at Hospitals &
Institutions Across India

Our Mission

The National Cancer Grid is a network of major cancer centres, research institutes, patient groups and charitable institutions across India with the mandate of establishing uniform standards of patient care for prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer, providing specialized training and education in oncology and facilitating collaborative basic, translational and clinical research in cancer.


NCG endeavours to ensure quality of care to patients from any part of the country.

Key Initiatives

Enabling all the NCG member centres to provide high quality cancer care to patients.


Working with cancer hospitals to improve quality & accessibility to care.

NCG Member Centres

NCG News & Events

Under the bigger umbrella of NCG, various key initiatives have been launched to improve the cancer care in the country and make it more affordable to the people. These initiatives aim to support all the member centers under NCG to provide the best possible service to their customers.

  • NHA, NCG collaborate on ABDM pilot to streamline cancer care records across hospitals

    Jun 2024

    India’s National Health Authority (NHA), in collaboration with the National Cancer Grid (NCG), is set to launch a pilot under the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM), to streamline medical record sharing across hospitals for cancer care patients who often visit multiple facilities.

  • NCG-KCDO Invites Stakeholders to Review the Oncology Clinical Workflows Developed to Enhance the Cancer Specific Product Capabilities of EMRs

    May 2024

    In March 2023, NCG-KCDO released the NCG EMR Requirements (NER) - a comprehensive set of EMR requirements needed for effective management of cancer patients. To further support the development of oncology specific EMRs, NCG-KCDO has developed detailed requirements and features for radiotherapy, chemotherapy and surgical oncology.

    We share the pre-final version of these clinical modules and welcome feedback and guidance from the healthcare community. Please share your feedback by writing to us on spm.ncgkcdo@gmail.com latest by Friday, 7th June 2024.

  • Axis Bank extends support to the National Cancer Grid and Tata Memorial Centre and contributes Rs. 100 crores towards enhancing research, innovation and digital health adoption in oncology

    Mar 2024
    • Embarks on a 5-year partnership to revolutionize cancer care in India
    • This partnership will work towards enhancing access to cancer care, fund research programs and, build digital capabilities in oncology
    • Key projects include funding and establishing the National Tumour Biobank, Cancer Teleconsultation Network, and Oncology-specific Electronic Medical Records (EMRs)
  • 2nd Quality Improvement Conference (QICON)

    Mar 2024


    Conference date: 10th - 20th April 2024
    Last date of registration: 25th March 2024

  • Tata Memorial Centre-led project makes waves with promise to cut cancer drug costs by up to 99%

    Sep 2023

    23 hospitals from National Cancer Grid, a network of over 250 cancer centres, pilot ‘pooled procurement’ to improve negotiability for high-value oncology and supportive-care drugs.

For Hospitals & Institutions

To promote world class cancer care in the country, the NCG aims to provide its member hospitals an array of support services like the best of cancer specific EMR vendors, clinical guidelines and standards to name a few.

For Healthcare Practitioners

NCG aims to offers doctors and health professionals in the cancer care space access to online library resources, webinars and workshops, online training programs and research related activities.

For Patients

NCG’s objective is to provide cancer patients easy access to cancer information. It facilitates timely and affordable access to cancer experts, including second opinions from Tata Memorial Centre and NCG member hospitals nationwide.