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NCG Vishwam Cancer Care Connect

NCG Vishwam Cancer Care Connect

Shri K. N. Vyas, Secretary DAE & Chairman AEC launched NCG Vishwam Cancer Care Connect on 17th September 2019 in Vienna on the sidelines of 63rd General conference of IAEA. By virtue of this, National Cancer Grid (NCG) established and managed by Tata Memorial Centre (TMC), which has participating stake holders from India has been made open to the cancer hospitals and other relevant institutes from foreign countries.

The NCG is working towards global cancer control by working with other low and middle income countries (LMICs) grappling with problems with their healthcare systems and infrastructure. Challenges in many countries are remarkably similar and include inadequate public health expenditure, socioeconomic disparities, lack of awareness amongst the general public, late stages of presentation, lack of access to even basic cancer care facilities, inadequate infrastructure, and almost non-existent healthcare regulations and standards. Partner countries and organizations will be able to share best practices from the National Cancer Grid, and also benefit from some of its resources. The NCG Global Cancer Network partners with several countries across the world, working towards reducing the burden of cancer globally.

“NCG Vishwam CCC is a comprehensive package which will help bridge the gap in cancer care and I underline IAEA’s support to this initiative.”

Ms. May Abdel-Wahab,
Director, NAHU, IAEA